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May 04, 2017 // By Ross Cassan, Spirent Communications
Carrier networks made to measure
Users churning between carrier networks may not realise just how finely these services are tuned to their devices, their service expectations, traffic patterns and possible overload scenarios. Customizing the mobile core to meet the demands of a smartphone generation is already a fine art, but it is nothing to the IoT and other challenges that lie ahead. We already have the test solutions to meet all these challenges, argues Ross Cassan, Director, Product Marketing, Spirent Communications. We just need to apply them more widely.

It is good to know that most carriers already have these essential test capabilities in place, and the latest test solutions already enjoy the scalability and sophistication needed to match the complexity of the coming IoT storm. But we do expect a wider market for such testing tools.

The initial demand for sophisticated test solutions was among the Network Equipment Manufacturers, and the largest carriers and test laboratories. But we also anticipate a growing market of IoT Service Providers as well as more local providers needing to address the challenges described above.

The necessary solutions and testing expertise are already available. And they are well proven.

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