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May 30, 2016 // By Richard Quinnell
Development kit targets industrial IoT
Developers working on the Internet of Things (IoT) are seeing an increasing number of platforms become available that provide both prototyping hardware and connected services in a package deal. But most of those seem to target hobbyist or consumer applications, and far fewer provide a simple path to production. Avnet is seeking to change the situation with its latest introduction – the MicroZed Industrial IoT starter kit.

For some developers the shine is beginning to come off of the IoT, especially in consumer applications, because even though the technology has generated a lot of buzz and interest, there is not often a compelling reason to adopt it. It’s cool, fun, convenient, and the like, but not compelling.

That's not true in the industrial market. For industry to adopt the IoT, there needs to be a good business case for making the investment. And increasingly, there is. Companies embracing the IIoT are finding substantial rewards in terms of reduced maintenance and downtime costs, better resource utilization, and the like. Consumer IoT has gotten the buzz, but industrial IoT is where the real money will be made for now.

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