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April 11, 2017 // By Michael Fischer, Epson Europe Electronics GmbH
A symphony in quartz
The more complex a musical piece and the larger an orchestra, the more urgent the need for a good maestro. In the internet of the future, the equivalent of a maestro or a metronome is called the master clock, which conducts the rhythm of all network nodes. Each node however needs its own perfect sense of timing.

Advances in design

Airflow sensitivity and a lack of temperature stability are properties that previously blocked the way for temperature-compensated quartz oscillators in precision applications. Design features such as the DoubleSeal™ technology (double encasing of the crystal) have brought about significant advances. Today there are TCXOs with an accuracy that fulfils the requirements of many wireless and wired transmission standards. In addition, they are modest in their energy needs and are therefore particularly attractive for use in mobile devices.

As an ITU-T member Epson is closely following and supporting the development of new networking standards and always happy to help find the right solutions for every application.


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Michael Fischer is Sales Engineer for Timing Devices at Epson Europe Electronics GmbH - www.epson-electronics.de

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