Three questions to ask before selecting an LTE WAN

August 02, 2018 // By Andrew Lund, B+B SmartWorx
Three questions to ask before selecting an LTE WAN
In this article, three key questions are answered that should be considered before engineers consider an LTE WAN

“We have our device, now we need to connect it to the Internet.”

You can imagine the scenario: A group of talented engineers has created a new way of using a connected device to improve a process. But to realize the benefits, the device must be connected to a remotely hosted software application.

When the team was developing its system, they had Wi-Fi in the office. In field trials, however, they are learning the following:

  • The system is installed in areas where a wired WAN connection is prohibitively expensive.
  • The system is installed on third-party customer sites, and customers’ IT groups will not allow them to piggyback on the local Wi-Fi network.
  • There is an OK network connection in 80 percent of locations, but customers also want to use it in places where there isn’t easy Internet access.

To solve these issues, sooner or later someone on the team will recommend using LTE. When that recommendation arises, here are a few questions the team will inevitably face.

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