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April 13, 2017 // By Ashraf Takla, Thomas Wilson and Christian Tuschen
Turning cars into mobile devices
Everyone remembers their first car – how you could go where you wanted to go, moving faster and going longer distances – you were mobile. Yes, our cars made us mobile, but today’s cars are becoming mobile devices themselves.

Here, continuous burst transmissions need to be analyzed, to detect objects and judge vehicle-to-vehicle relative speeds, and ultimately to adjust the throttle. These are high bandwidth data transfers with multiple arrays of analog to digital converters (ADCs) to support data collected from long and short-range transmissions.  Whether the sensors use sight or light, MIPI interfaces continue to be deployed inside the automobile sensor modules supporting these critical data transfers.

Figure 5: Radar transceiver to radar processor.

MIPI member companies like NXP and Mixel continue to deploy MIPI specification interfaces, both in system-level designs and as IP. Other MIPI member companies are deploying these interfaces where they fit in automobiles, and other systems as well. This is taking place anywhere that can benefit from interfaces defined for efficiency and performance. The flexibility that the MIPI Alliance has built into their specification definitions allows vendors and customers to develop interfaces optimized to each application.

This “perfect fit” of application requirement to interface architecture is serving the emerging auto industry in much the same way that it has served and continues to serve the mobile smartphone market. The auto industry continues to enhance the systems that will make a car operate more like a mobile device.  

We are moving closer to enjoying fast, safe, informative and entertaining driving, stress free. Our cars have more systems that need MIPI Alliance’s performance and power optimized interfaces. The MIPI Alliance and its member companies continue to deploy the systems interfaces that will transform your car into an autonomous mobile device for the benefit of us all.


About the Authors

Ashraf Takla is President & CEO at Mixel, Inc - www.mixel.com

Thomas Wilson is Automotive Radar Product Marketing Manager at NXP Semiconductors - www.nxp.com

Christian Tuschen is in charge of Automotive Systems Engineering at NXP Semiconductors.

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