3 to 6 channel RF power splitter handles broadband RF or video signals

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The PS12000 is a broadband RF power splitter that can provide either three differential output signals or six single-ended outputs. The input signal is initially boosted through an ultra high linearity 6 dB gain buffer before being split to the three differential output drivers. Two of these output drivers include a 0 to -40 dB AGC stage allowing signal levels to be adjusted as required or effectively switched off. The various input and output signals can be matched to meet individual system needs including 75 Ohm or 50 Ohm. The device’s key performance parameters are:

  • Broadband operation up to 2 GHz
  • High linearity: +20 dBm IIP3 and +50 dBm IIP2
  • 8dB noise figure and >40 dB AGC range
  • Gain tracking error <1 dB

The PS12000 is offered in a 28 lead MLP package; samples are available now and the part will be in volume production from April 2010.

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