China tests two more 6G satellites, pushes patents

China tests two more 6G satellites, pushes patents
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China says it dominates global patents for next generation 6G cellular wireless technology, with China Mobile and Huawei planning to launch two 6G test satellites.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


A report from the China Intellectual Property Development Research Centre claims Chinese companies have filed over 38,000 patents on 6G wireless communications, 35 percent of the total. Huawei and China Mobile are also looking to to launch two 6G test satellites.

However, as 6G has yet to be defined, this is more likely to be a reflection of the patents on 4G ad 5G wireless as well as patents for the high performance optical fibre technologies that will also be needed to handle the multi-gigabit bandwidth that will be 50 to 100 times higher than today

Current research is focussed on terahertz materials and systems, and Huawei is planning to launch its 6G network technology by 2030 the company chairman Xu Zhijun told a global analysts conference. The company plans to release a 6G white paper soon to explain its view of 6G. Huawei doubled the size of its research lab in Dublin in February to boost its patent position.

Huawei and China Mobile are also reported to be planning to launch two satellites in July this year to test 6G technologies. This mirrors the launch of a test satellite for quantum networking called Micius in 2016 that has led to its current strong position in the technology. Chinese authorities launched a 6G test satellite in November developed by Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology, UESTC and Beijing MinoSpace Technology. This carried a terahertz communications system to test out the technology.

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