Compaan Design and PolyCore Software collaborate on multicore development tools

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Compaan HotSpot Parallelizer technology enables SW/HW engineers to derive high-end dataflow streaming designs from portable C.  Affine nested loops that constitute the application hotspots are analyzed for dataflow and are partitioned as a Kahn Process Network (KPN).  The KPN implements a correct, verified, synchronized, deadlock free, and parallel operating SW design.  In a next stage this SW design is mapped to different processor cores and HW accelerators resulting in a heterogeneous, multicore and parallel operating SW/HW system.

PSI’s Poly-Platform, streamlines the migration to multicore by substantially shortening the design cycle through abstraction, quick turn optimizations and validation. Preservation of investment is realized through a standardized programming model and tools that allow for improved productivity, which recurs for each product generation. Poly-Platform, together with Compaan HotSpot Parallelizer, provides designers with next-level analysis and implementation capabilities, simplifying multicore programming.

Rapidly increasing demand for optimized performance has fueled the move to multicore designs. Through this relationship, Compaan and PSI are able to further provide architects with the most efficient solution. Pioneered by industry veterans, both PSI and Compaan are committed to simplifying multicore.

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