High frequency SMA adapter improves VSWR performance

High frequency SMA adapter improves VSWR performance

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Right-angle SMA adapter designed to provide consistent VSWR performance at frequency limit, without using an expensive swept body style.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Amphenol RF has expanded its robust adapter portfolio with a high-performance right-angle SMA adapter. This adapter is designed to offer improved VSWR over a right-angle soldered design with a similar footprint, without using an expensive swept body style. The right-angle SMA adapter is ideal for SATCOM, radar and test and measurement applications.

Traditional right-angle connectors are often associated with poor VSWR performance, particularly at frequencies approaching the limit of the connector. This is due to the typical usage of a two-part internal straight contact. While the straight configuration allows for easy assembly and low cost, it’s shape is not advantageous for internal impedance control or lend itself to a robust solder connection. The recently released high-frequency right-angle SMA adapter instead uses a two-piece concept with an internal swept right-angle configuration. This incorporates all of the physical advantages of standard right-angle designs (low profile, compact size, etc.) while maintaining electrical performance comparable with conventional straight connectors.

The high-performance right-angle SMA adapter features a gold plated, brass body and gold plated, beryllium copper contact. This 50 ohm adapter operates up to an extended frequency range of DC to 22 GHz. This adapter can be used along with our line of ATC-PS precision test cables which are available in a number of pre-configured lengths.

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