Low-PIM coaxial RF surge protector

Low-PIM coaxial RF surge protector
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Quarter-wave RF surge protector supports frequencies from 555 MHz to 4.5 GHz while suppressing DC surge.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand, has introduced a new quarter-wave RF surge protector to guard equipment from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and power surges caused by lightning or other strong electrical changes.

The new QWP-DMDF-ER coaxial surge protector offers an extended frequency range, supporting 555 MHz to 4.5 GHz while suppressing DC surge. This broadband performance makes it perfect for applications including CBRS networks, cellular networks, DAS, emergency response systems and public safety systems. Additionally, this new 7/16 DIN surge protector incorporates quarter-wave stub technology to protect equipment at up to 200 W of maximum input power.

This coax surge protector features a male 7/16-inch DIN input and a female 7/16 DIN output. It has low let-through energy and supports low passive intermodulation (PIM) levels up to 160 dBc along with a DC block topology.

“Our new extended range 7/16 DIN RF surge protector provides a high-performance, low let-through energy solution. It allows our customers to maximize the reliability of their CBRS and cellular networks and ensures critical communication systems continue operating through potentially damaging lightning storms,” said Dan Rebeck, Product Line Manager.

PolyPhaser’s new 7/16 DIN quarter-wave RF surge protector is in-stock and available for immediate shipment. This new product is an addition to an existing line of 7/16 DIN surge protectors offered by PolyPhaser, namely the QWP-DFDFB and QWP-DMDFB.

The QWP-DFDFB supports frequencies between 800 MHz and 2.25 GHz and is constructed with a female gender for the input and female for the output. This F/F 7/16 DIN to 7/16 DIN quarter wave stub, DC block coaxial surge protector offers low let-through energy and is designed with low PIM. It is rated for -150 dBc and is RoHS compliant.

A coaxial DC block, quarter wave stub RF surge protector, the QWP-DMDFB covers 800 MHz to 2.25 GHz and is constructed with a male gender for the input and female for the output. This M/F 7/16 DIN to 7/16 DIN surge protecting component offers low let-through energy, low PIM, -150 dBc rating and is RoHS compliant.

Based on extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continuously expands its product offering to support the requirements of advanced network applications with technologies such as DC block, DC pass and ultra-low PIM.


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