Low profile end launch connectors deliver low VSWR and insertion loss for broadband applications

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The lower profile design permits use where vertical headroom is critical, such as in board-to-board stacking, and low profile packaging. They have the same mounting footprint as standard End Launch connectors and can be used interchangeably with the same board designs.

The End Launch connectors are designed for single and multi-layer printed circuit boards where the microwave layer is on top. They provide industry typical lowest VSWR and insertion loss for broadband applications in SMA (27 GHz), 2.92-mm (40 GHz), or 2.4-mm (50 GHz). Multiple launch options help optimize circuit match. A unique clamping feature accommodates board thicknesses up to 0.110 inch. Since the connector assembly requires no soldering to the PCB, the connectors are reusable and repairable.

Southwest Microwave offers samples mounted on test boards along with test data. They also offer PCB launch designs for a variety of board materials and thicknesses. The COTS connectors are made in the USA with material traceability, meeting RoHS and lead-free standards.

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