Microwave combiners for satellite news gathering support 1:1 redundancy

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The system can also be used as a 1:1 redundancy system if phase combining is not required. The systems can be used in fixed earth stations, satellite news gathering (SNG / digital SNG) vehicles and flyaway units. The Ku-band unit covers 12.75 to 14.50 GHz and is rated at 1200 Watts (2 x 600 Watts); the C-band unit operates from 5.85 to 6.725 GHz with a power rating of 2000 Watts (2 x 1000 Watts).

Both feature 25dB isolation in combined mode and 40dB isolation in 1:1 mode. Maximum insertion loss is 0.35dB and switching time is 3 seconds maximum. The systems can be configured in many ways, including mounting the RF package externally, with remote or manual phase adjustment, or completely automatic phase adjustment with minimal operator involvement. Luso offers the units as standalone items or can integrate them into a custom designed system based on customer requirements.

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