OPPO joins Connectivity Standards Alliance board of directors

OPPO joins Connectivity Standards Alliance board of directors

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Consumer electronics leader to join Matter working group, bringing its IoT expertise to the smart home connectivity standard
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), an organization with over 400 companies working together to simplify and harmonize the Internet of Things (IoT) through technology standards, has announced that OPPO, a global mobile communications and consumer electronics leader, is joining its Board of Directors. OPPO, an active member of the Alliance since early 2020, will expand its participation and leadership, lending its global expertise in IoT and consumer devices to CSA’s initiatives aimed at creating global open standards and a common language for connected devices, with a focus on the smart home.

OPPO is one of the world’s leading smart device manufacturers and innovators, creating smart phones and IoT products as well as software and services. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, the company’s global footprint spans more than 50 countries and regions, with a particularly large presence throughout Asia, specifically in China and India. OPPO offers the chance to expand the adoption of CSA standards and technologies throughout Asia, a market home to more than three billion connected devices.

“More than just a smartphone company, we have set long-term strategies to create a sustainable and open IoT ecosystem. By joining the Connectivity Standards Alliance, we plan to further strengthen the global IoT community by helping the Board set strategies to promote the Alliance in China and beyond, while advocating for CSA’s technologies and encouraging our partners to join the Alliance,” said Neil Yang, Director of Standards Research Department of OPPO. “The opportunity to work alongside so many influential technology companies to shape the future of the IoT and the smart home aligns with our commitment to build products that seamlessly connect from anywhere in the world.”

“OPPO joining our Board demonstrates the unprecedented collaboration that the Alliance embodies, and we know they will help our mission of building a better, more connected world,” said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of CSA. “OPPO provides the opportunity to expand our mission throughout Asia and, specifically China, and their influence and global footprint are an invaluable addition to our Board.”

In addition to spreading awareness about CSA in China, OPPO plans to adopt and promote the Alliance’s technologies into its IoT ecosystem and products, with a focus on Matter and Zigbee, the Alliance’s full-stack, low power, mesh networking IoT solution used to connect devices for smart home and commercial use. The company will also increase its participation and contributions to the Matter Working Group, joining more than 200 global companies aligned to bring interoperability, simplicity, and security to the smart home. Matter’s unified IP-based connectivity protocol, built on proven technologies, will create a common language for the smart home and serve as a seal of approval, taking the guesswork out of the purchasing process and allowing businesses and consumers alike to choose from a wider array of brands to create secure and connected homes and buildings.


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