Shunt protectors for sensitive LED lighting applications

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In this configuration, an open LED can cause the entire LED string to go dark, resulting in reduced performance and possible maintenance calls and costly warranty returns.  Adding a Bourns LSP-Series shunt protector to an LED design allows the unaffected lights in the string to remain illuminated by shunting current around the inoperable LED. 

The LSP-Series open LED shunt protectors include four models:  LSP0600BJR-S, LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S and LSP1800BJR-S.  A maximum level of protection can be obtained by using one LSP0600BJR-S device per LED. 

Alternatively, customers can reduce their protection costs by using the LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S or LSP1800BJR-S devices, that are able to isolate groups of two, three or four LEDs respectively.  The devices come in an SMB surface mount package and are RoHS compliant.

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