Sony, floLIVE, Kigen collaborate on IoT iSIM

Sony, floLIVE, Kigen collaborate on IoT iSIM
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iSIM provides regulatory-compliant global connectivity for IoT devices at scale with improved latency and extended battery life.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


A leading IoT connectivity provider, floLIVE has announced it has collaborated with Kigen – a global provider of eSIM and iSIM security, and Sony Semiconductor Israel – a cellular IoT chipset provider.

The three vendors have successfully developed an advanced, state-of-the-art product based on Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipset ALT1250 with an integrated SIM (iSIM) powered by Kigen’s iSIM OS and embedded with floLIVE’s global connectivity. The new iSIM leverages the benefits brought by iSIM technology of lower size, cost and efficient communications, combined with an advanced LPWA chipset for NB-IoT and CAT-M and local breakouts – all contributing to improving latency and extending battery life – key requirements for modern IoT use cases.

floNET is floLIVE’s global connectivity service — through a globally distributed array of core mobile network instances it provides enterprise customers with localized connectivity that adheres to privacy and data sovereignty regulations (e.g. GDPR), and is permanent roaming safe.

“We have the opportunity to partner with Sony and Kigen to leverage our highly-effective over-the-air multi-IMSI solution that is in line with Sony’s own target to extend battery life and optimize data usage, and Kigen’s advanced, highly-secure integrated SIM OS,” said Nir Shalom, CEO floLIVE.

This collaboration is a significant step in floLIVE’s growth and in the worldwide need for innovative, iSIM-based connectivity that meets new business needs.

“Sony is at the forefront of the next generation of connected devices, and to make that happen, we collaborate with vendors who have new approaches to enabling IoT connectivity”, said Aviv Castro, VP Business Development at Sony Semiconductor Israel. “floLIVE offers broad global coverage in our target markets and can address local regulatory challenges. This not only encourages IoT adoption, but also supports specific customer requirements for privacy and scale.”

Having developed its own global software connectivity infrastructure, floLIVE can customize any element of the solution to meet specific customer requirements. The iSIM supports additional cellular technologies such as 5G, for future use cases.

“Kigen initiated the iSIM technology with a vision to simplify the manufacture of global IoT products and scale seamlessly,” said Vincent Korstanje, CEO at Kigen. “This collaboration with Sony and floLIVE combines the best of security through Kigen iSIM OS with out of the box LPWAN connectivity on proven iSIM chipset so OEMs can focus on meeting regulatory and local market needs.”

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