USA cashes in on spectrum auction

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By eeNews Europe

As we move from LTE to LTE-A and eventually 5G, operators will need to have as much spectrum as possible, but at the same time will need to look at other methods of increasing capacity, such as Carrier Aggregation, MIMO, small cells and so on. Spectrum efficiency will be key as we move from 4G cellular infrastructure to 5G.

According to Meredith Attwell Baker, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association: "The AWS-3 auction is the highest-revenue generating auction in the 20 year history of FCC spectrum auctions, and with the last major auction six years ago, this reflects wireless companies’ demand for this finite resource to meet Americans’ growing mobile broadband usage. With nearly $45 billion in bids — and billions more in capex — this auction is yet another illustration of the significant economic impact that exclusive, licensed use spectrum provides taxpayers and the U.S. economy."

Meredith added: "As we’ve highlighted many times before, this is only the first step to unlock more mobile investment and benefits. A reinvigorated search to identify, clear and reallocate spectrum needs to begin today to meet the data demands of 2020, our connected lives and tomorrow’s 5G networks. As reports have shown, by meeting the goal for freeing up 500 MHz by 2020, wireless companies will create at least 350,000 new jobs in America and more than $166 billion for the U.S. GDP."


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