A Novel Approach to Reuse Firmware for Verification of Controller based Sub-Systems using PSS

By Samsung Semiconductors

Researchers from Samsung Semiconductors in India and Korea demonstrate a novel approach to minimize the development time for complex blocks using pre-existing firmware for the sub-system CPU written in C language to drive both emulation tests and RTL simulation tests

Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) is a methodology that captures the design verification intent and generates tests using it. The scenarios it captures can be reused across various design levels (Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP), Block, System) as well as across multiple environments like simulation, emulation, virtual prototypes, and Silicon.

A PSS model captures the test intent using an abstract representation of the design under test using high level attributes. However, the PSS model creation is a time intensive activity and increases in complexity with more sophisticated devices. The development of a PSS model for complex CPU based sub-systems involves significant time investment for both its creation and validation.

Vishnu Ramadas, Simranjit Singh, Ashwani Aggarwal, Samsung Semiconductors India R&D, Bangalore, with Woojoo Space Kim and Seonil Brian Choi


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