Enabling smart farming with embedded computing

By Advantech

For most people, thinking about robotics and automation generates images of advanced manufacturing plants, typically housing highvolume automotive or food production lines where a plethora of robots and automated systems pick, place, load, unload, rotate, assemble, weld, measure and inspect parts or products. But how about agriculture? Well, far from the rustic and somewhat nostalgic image that this incredibly important industry carries,  agriculture is fast heading to the vanguard of robotics and automation adoption as farmers continue striving for better production, competitive gain and greater market share. Today, many advanced technologies are transforming the agriculture industry, including:

 • The IoT (internet of things)

• AI (artificial intelligence)

• The cloud

 This white paper shows how these technologies are helping the agricultural sector to become more efficient, reduce costs and increase efficiency through the use of digital, data-driven processes and advanced decision support systems, as well as smart analytics and planning.

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