Worker shortage starts driving Cellular IoT automation

Worker shortage starts driving Cellular IoT automation

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In the age of automation, Cellular IoT is critical for industry, which after years of hype, is now taking shape.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Mobile Experts has just released their annual Cellular IoT forecast that details how enterprises are accelerating their use of Internet-of-Things automation — in an environment where hiring human employees has become difficult and expensive. The technology trend includes low-cost IoT devices and premium devices ranging from 2G through 5G wireless technology.

Unlike the smartphone market, where everybody wants the same thing (broadband on a handheld platform), the IoT market is a kaleidoscope of different requirements, each with different business drivers and differing timeframes. Mobile Experts is tracking more than 75 different ways to connect an IoT device — and there are thousands of individual applications with unique computing requirements that need attention.

“The Cellular IoT market is shaping up. Many projects are maturing, and now enterprises can adopt automated ground vehicles, asset tracking, and automotive applications fairly readily. The operators now have enough information to make clear choices between LTE-M and NB-IoT, and we can now articulate a very logical rationale for strong preferences in various regions. We expect the ease of developing applications to get much better over the next 10 years, driving long-term growth,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden.

Despite some supply chain problems caused by the events of 2020, roughly 250 million Cellular IoT devices shipped that year, which was 60% higher than 2018. In the longer term, demand from enterprise automation is expected to drive strong ongoing growth for more than 10 years.

“There are major factors governing the long-term growth profile of CIoT,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. “We outline these in this new report, and draw some conclusions about how global and technical factors will affect the overall growth of the market. Ultimately, current obstacles to the market will be overcome, and we have identified multiple fertile areas of growth for Cellular IoT.”

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