WQVGA reference design kit around a single chip solution

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The core of the reference design kit is a RX62N 32-bit microcontroller with up to 165 DMIPS of computing power, 512KB of flash memory, 96KB of RAM and a wide selection of different communication interfaces including six UARTs, an Ethernet interface, a CAN interface and two USB 2.0 full-speed (Host, Function and OTG) interfaces.

A 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) TFT display with integrated capacitive touch controller is also included in the kit. Only about 5% of the computing power is required to control the TFT displays and very few external devices are required for the TFT control. This results in a significant reduction of the system cost for the user.

The RX62N 32 based single-chip approach is optimally suited for all cost-sensitive industrial and consumer applications in which a high-performance, low-cost microcontroller must be used, yet requiring a modern graphical user interface. The kit also enables a quick and easy entry into graphics programming for inexperienced developers. It comes with a graphics library and various program examples to generate and test graphical interfaces and adapt them to individual requirements within a very short time.

The software drivers are partly provided in source code. Driver software for the touchpanel is also available. In addition, the kit contains a complete microcontroller development environment including IDE, Renesas’ HEW4 Embedded Workbench and a test license for C Compiler, an E1 USB Debugger, a complete cable set, a power supply and comprehensive documentation.

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