3D mmWave imaging technology ‘sees’ through packages

May 03, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
3D mmWave imaging technology ‘sees’ through packages
Driving down cost and improving quality and safety, this 3D mmWave imaging technology eliminates manual searches or use of expensive X-ray equipment.

ThruWave is pioneering 3D mmWave (millimeter wave) imaging for industry with a groundbreaking new sensing technology that allows customers to detect objects inside closed packages. ThruWave applies millimeter wave technology to "see" through plastic, cardboard, packaging material and even walls at high speeds.

Recently, 3D mmWave Imaging from ThruWave was named Best New Product Innovation 2021 from the Material Handling Institute as part of their annual MHI Innovation Awards.

"We entered ThruWave's technology into the awards knowing that we have something truly unique and groundbreaking. It is not a common occurrence these days for new sensing technology to be developed and commercialized," explains Pieter Krynauw, CEO of ThruWave.

"We are providing, for the first time ever, a human-safe and cost-efficient way for manufacturers, material handling and logistics operators to see inside of sealed containers that can allow them to drive down operational cost, improve safety and improve quality."

ThruWave's 3D mmWave sensing technology can solve problems that previously could not be solved without manual human intervention or through the usage of expensive and potentially health hazardous x-ray equipment, making it either impractical or cost prohibitive in many supply chain applications. In some cases cameras are deployed today, but current camera technology is limited by only being able to see the surface of packages (not inside or behind them) and are greatly exposed in dusty and low/no light conditions.

ThruWave's 3D mmWave imaging system is an easy and quick retrofit to existing conveyors or materials handling systems and can operate as a standalone system or a fully integrated solution exchanging data with warehouse management, warehouse execution and/or control systems.


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