Baicells innovates EPC/5GC for fixed-wireless LTE base stations

September 09, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Baicells innovates EPC/5GC for fixed-wireless LTE base stations
Features include Multi-APN, Layer 2, and Mobility functionality and can be activated on supported LTE base stations models with a single button click, making it easier for network operators to take advantage of CBRS spectrum.

Baicells Technologies has announced new enhancements coming to HaloB, the embedded EPC/5GC offering for Baicells eNodeB products. The simplified design of HaloB makes for deploying private LTE and 5G networks faster and easier than ever before, while removing the high costs and complexities which are generally associated with an EPC/5GC.

The new enhanced HaloB elements will include support for Multi-APN, Layer 2, and Mobility. Multi-APN will allow for the configuration of multiple APNs which is useful for separating different types of traffic, such as management, data, and voice, onto separate networks and VLANs. Layer 2 mode, when configured and when using a supported CPE, uses a tunneling protocol to establish a L2 connection between the CPE and eNodeB. Mobility will provide support for UEs to handover between neighboring eNodeBs, improving network's reliability.

"With the vast majority of Baicells eNodeBs running in HaloB mode, our embedded core solution has proven to be highly robust and easy to deploy, which only requires a single button press to activate," said Jesse Raasch, Chief Technology Officer of North America at Baicells Technologies. "The new HaloB features which will be rolling out furthers our vision of IT and Telecom convergence as it provides for a coreless deployment while further closing the feature gap."

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