Cognitive Systems recognised for revolutionary Wi-Fi sensing technology

April 21, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Cognitive Systems recognised for groundbreaking Wi-Fi sensing
WiFi Motion™ employs AI and predictive analysis to transform customers' wireless networks into highly accurate, affordable, and secure motion-sensing systems.

Based on its recent analysis of the global smart homes market, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Cognitive Systems Corporation with the 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its AI-based WiFi Motion™ full-stack smart home system. Cognitive layers its patented Wi-Fi sensing software into the router/gateway and detects motion using only the home's existing Wi-Fi network and connected devices. Designed for ultimate privacy, WiFi Motion™ offers a compelling and non-intrusive alternative to contemporary motion detection technologies that are heavily dependent on cameras, sensors, and microphones.

"WiFi Motion™ utilizes the home's gateway and connected devices as motion sensors without compromising their original functions, impacting data usage, or slowing down the network. This capability provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage by eliminating the need for any additional hardware," said Anirudh Bhaskaran, Senior Industry Analyst. "As a result, Cognitive's unique Wi-Fi sensing is more affordable, easier to integrate, and provides broader coverage than conventional motion-sensing technologies that utilize passive infrared sensors and closed-circuit television cameras.”

WiFi Motion™ detects movement by measuring and interpreting changes in the radio frequency signals transmitted between Wi-Fi devices. It identifies these signal disruptions and determines when and where the movements occurred. It also employs advanced algorithms to differentiate accurately between different movement types, such as pet, fan, and human motion. In addition to identifying and localizing motion, WiFi Motion™ uses predictive analytics to establish a baseline of the motionless home environment, learn patterns over time, provide behavioral insights, and generate contextual awareness.

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