Dedicated private network targets the Metaverse

November 23, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Dedicated private network targets the Metaverse
Network-as-a-service provides developers a modern foundation for real-time experiences as users look to move to an increasingly metaverse world.

Subspace, the dedicated network for real-time services, has announced that its private network built for real-time applications is now available worldwide. Subspace is live today with a new internet built for the real-time world we live in, enabling the emerging metaverse.

This network-as-a-service (NaaS) enables companies to create experiences that surpass those limited by latency and other issues with the existing internet, particularly the real-time video and audio experiences that are at the forefront of modern communication and metaverse enablement. With COVID-19 revealing digital communication issues worldwide, Subspace's network is readymade for a multitude of industries where "right now" demand will only increase — gaming, telemedicine, financial markets, online betting, and more - and for the onset of the metaverse.

CEO and founder Bayan Towfiq started Subspace in 2018 and today, the company has 400 million users on its network. The company quickly helped gaming partners reduce lag, reach a larger audience, and increase security before realizing they'd effectively built a parallel internet that puts high-traffic applications on their own network, ensuring the fastest and most stable path for instant experiences.

Shahin Farshchi, partner at Lux Capital and a member of Subspace's board, sees the company at the forefront of the need for real-time applications.

"We're in a new phase today with real-time applications,," Farshchi says. "And to go beyond that, to realize the Metaverse, there needs to be availability of real-time applications through technologies and products such as Subspace. The world now requires a new kind of internet built for instant experience and connectivity.”

Towfiq agrees and says that the demand for instant experiences is growing across industries. "We offer the only solution for contact center and BPO markets, voice/video chat in CX and UCaaS and CPaaS spaces. Research shows that the demand for a reliable, stable, and fast real-time network will explode over the next few years, particularly as we move to an increasingly metaverse world."

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