First 5G vehicle OTA RF test system

November 18, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
First 5G vehicle OTA RF test system
Collaboration between Anritsu and Microwave Vision Group enables Toyota perform full vehicle 5G OTA testing on current and future cars.

Anritsu Corporation has announced the development of the first 5G OTA RF test system in partnership with Microwave Vision Group (MVG) and Toyota. Toyota have invested in the MVG OTA test environment using the MT8000A radio communication test station from Anritsu.

Realizing autonomous driving requires simultaneous communications with the surrounding environment, including other vehicles, road infrastructure, networks, etc. In particular, introduction of 5G supporting large-capacity, low-latency, massive connections are key technology to transferring the large data volumes generated by various sensors, such as vehicle cameras, as well as for 3D high-definition mapping data. Consequently, car manufactures, and Telematics Unit suppliers are pushing forward with development of 5G communications products.

The developed 5G communications products are installed in vehicles as the “connected car”. However, before release, the connected vehicle communications performance must be tested and verified in an OTA environment simulating the actual environment as possible.

Now, Anritsu and Microwave Vision Group (MVG) have partnered to deliver the MT8000A and OTA system to Toyota as the world’s first 5G vehicle OTA RF test system.

The all-in-one MT8000A radio communication test station is a 5G base-station simulator for 5G RF and protocol measurements as well as application tests. It supports high-order 4x4 MIMO and carrier aggregation (8CA) technologies for fast, large-capacity communications. As well as focusing on smartphone testing, it covers a wide application range, including 5G communications function tests and evaluations of antennas and high-frequency parts.

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