First global 3GPP FWA Device Ecosystem Directory published

February 23, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
First global 3GPP FWA Device Ecosystem Directory published
Industry resource contains itemised listing of 3GPP FWA chipsets, modules and devices currently being marketed by Forum members.

The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum has published the first GSA 4G/5G FWA Device Ecosystem Directory, a unique reference guide to mainstream and emerging 3GPP Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) vendors and their products. The Directory promotes information sharing between vendors and operators and accelerate the deployment of 4G and 5G fixed wireless access services globally.

The Directory contains an overview of the growing number of companies involved in the 3GPP FWA device ecosystem. Listing over 140 devices, it groups companies according to where they sit in the ecosystem, namely Chipset Suppliers, Module Suppliers or Device Suppliers for easy reference.The Directory is available for download.

In the directory, FWA devices are split into two families, “CPE” which are defined as AC powered devices designed for continuous 24 hours broadband connectivity, and “Battery operated devices” which are defined as devices including batteries designed specifically for nomadic or sporadic usage of broadband connectivity (e.g., MiFi or Pocket Hotspot). Companies listed in the chipset and module sections of this directory produce specific 3GPP based 4G/5G chipsets or modules that are suitable for inclusion in any of the FWA product types listed above.

Formed under the auspices of the Global mobile Suppliers Association, the GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum brings together leading chipset, module, and terminal vendors – as well as other telecommunications industry representatives, who wish to promote 4G and 5G FWA technology, products and services – to report on progress of FWA deployments, identify use cases and encourage global adoption.

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