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September 10, 2019 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
IoT devices could be powered by Neutrino energy devices
As solar energy advances to being a viable alternative to fossil fuels, there is a new source of energy based on neutrinos that could power everything day and night. In 2015, it was discovered that neutrinos have mass, so in theory, they can impact matter and give up some of their kinetic energy.

Low power devices of the future

One way that manufacturers are trying to reduce carbon emissions and promote the switch to renewable energy is by reducing the power consumption of electronic devices. The internet is interfacing with more types of devices than we ever imagined and while this trend promotes the increased pervasiveness of electronic devices in everyday life, a focus on maximum efficiency is driving the amount of power necessary to run most electronic devices down. In the future, the energy consumption of the next generation of internet-connected machines will be less than that of the current generation even though it will be more technically sophisticated.

Currently, the science of neutrinovoltaics is practically in its infancy, but in the near future, the increased power-generation capacity of neutrino energy devices will coincide nicely with both the increased prevalence and reduced power capacity of new IoT devices.

One of the most exciting aspects of neutrino energy generation is that it is decentralized. Instead of relying on a central grid or home electrical line for all your electrical needs, neutrinovoltaic energy generators are small and self-sufficient. They generate energy constantly, and within a few years, neutrino energy devices will be capable of powering smartwatches, smartphones, and soon after, laptops.

According to Neutrino Energy Group this will happen in the near future. There will be no need to charge your phone or smartwatch, and with each new generation of electronic devices, power consumption will decrease. Within no time, every member of the Internet of Things will be powered by the limitless, decentralized neutrino energy grid that is taking shape all over the planet.

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