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September 10, 2019 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
IoT devices could be powered by Neutrino energy devices
As solar energy advances to being a viable alternative to fossil fuels, there is a new source of energy based on neutrinos that could power everything day and night. In 2015, it was discovered that neutrinos have mass, so in theory, they can impact matter and give up some of their kinetic energy.

Land of eternal machines

Neutrino Energy Group contend that machines that require low power and have a constant drip of neutrino energy will be more "alive" than the machines of today. They will be smarter, more connected, and more resilient. Together, they will create an unbreakable electronic web of which today's Internet of Things is nothing but a crude shadow.

Constantly drawing limitless power from the ether and performing incredibly data-rich tasks with the energy it currently takes to operate a single light-emitting diode, the neutrino-powered devices of the future will have taken a true step toward self-sufficiency.

People and machines live in a delicate balance, and the rise of the Internet of Things is making us question the line where "smart" begins and "analog" ends. The next generation will look at ovens that don't connect to your smartphone as being weird, and within a decade or less, small devices like smartphones and smartwatches will be powered with nothing more than ethereal neutrinos.

In tandem with its main mission of developing new neutrinovoltaic devices, the Neutrino Energy Group is also focused on education and further discussion about the impact that neutrino energy technology will have on the future development of the human race and our use of electronic devices. It's time to start imagining a future of 50 years from now in which reliance on fossil fuels is nothing but a memory but we haven't suffered the hardships and privation that premature cessation of fossil fuel use would certainly cause. For the sake of humanity's future, the Neutrino Energy Group is making the fantastic machines of the future's Internet of Things possible with limitless neutrino energy.

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