MixComm in joint venture to develop 5G module for metaverse

December 07, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
MixComm in joint venture to develop 5G module for metaverse
Soon to be a future subsidiary of Sivers Semiconductors, MixComm has partnered with Kreemo on a mmWave, 360 degree, 5G, Tx/Rx module aimed at the metaverse.

Sivers Semiconductors AB today has announced that its future subsidiary MixComm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South Korean venture company Kreemo to develop the world's first 5G module optimized for metaverse.

The antenna module combines Mixcomm's ultra-high frequency integrated circuit technology and Kreemo’s 360-degree antenna technology for use in various fields such as augmented reality (AR), games and data devices, where high-quality antennas that transmit and receive high-frequency data and signals are essential to enable a smooth hyper-connected and ultra-realistic 5G content experience.

The partnership aims to deliver a 5G module that enables high-capacity data processing with the ability to receive 360-degree content. The module targets the emerging metaverse, which will rely on high-speed, ultra-wide bandwidth, and low latency 5G. Kreemo has developed the first 5G stacked patch antenna, solving the problem of antenna reception shadow areas to provide uniform 360 degree high frequency signal reception and transmission.

The recently announced merger between Sivers Semiconductor and MixComm will result in a global leader in 5G mmWave semiconductors, with strong capabilities and a broad joint IP portfolio of RFIC/BFIC chipsets in a wide variety of mmWave semiconductor technologies, including SiGe and RF-SOI.  This IP portfolio will cover a broad spectrum of possible mmWave use cases such as unlicensed 5G, licensed 5G infrastructure, fixed wireless access (FWA) customer premises equipment (CPE) and satellite communications (SATCOM), with industry leading performance. The acquisition also enables the combined businesses to bring MixComm’s industry-first Antenna-in-Package technology to all mmWave applications.

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