Netscout predicts rapid transformation, smart data and mission-critical connectivity in 2018

December 14, 2017 // By Michael Segal, NETSCOUT
Netscout predicts rapid transformation, smart data and mission-critical connectivity in 2018
With more than one-third of IT Professionals citing ‘moving faster’ as their top goal for 2018, and an overwhelming 99% of IT and business decision makers noticing an increasing pace of change in today’s connected world, it’s clear that speed has become intrinsically linked to business success.

For companies looking to compete in the digital economy, this pace of transformation is being driven by their customers and requires speedy software releases, agility through cloud services, and automation.


Speed becomes a primary business objective

As we look ahead to next year, we therefore expect businesses to place increased focus on accelerating the development and deployment of applications, while maintaining quality and cutting costs: two juxtaposing tasks. To achieve this, more and more companies will look to move applications to the cloud and deliver services through virtualised data centres.

However, in the rush to embrace digital transformation (DX), organisations must ensure they don’t lose sight of whether virtualisation is delivering real business value. To best evaluate its effectiveness, it is imperative that organisations continuously monitor their entire infrastructure to provide a 360 view of business services, which will enable them to quickly identify current or potential problems.


Assuring networks will be paramount

DX will also power a surge in momentum for the IoT, with the number of connected devices predicted to reach 23.14 billion by 2018. Next year, we expect to see the IoT continue to touch all aspects of the digital economy, unlocking enormous benefits in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to automotive. With more and more IoT technologies underpinning critical applications, such as disaster monitoring and military situational awareness, service delivery assurance will come into sharp focus.

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