Research specialist Qamcom joins European partners in 6G drive

January 04, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Research specialist Qamcom joins European partners in 6G drive
The Hexa-X research project is EU funded and expected to run for two and a half years with the aim of laying the foundation for next generation 6G networks.

Bringing together a number of technologically advanced European partners, the Hexa-X research project aims to develop the next generation of mobile networks, namely 6G or sixth generation. The project, which is EU-funded, is expected to start in January 2021 and last for about two and a half years. The purpose of the project is to lay the foundation for a global standard and to define principles for the 6G system itself – which will serve as a base for the entire telecom industry and its future services and products. On a more philosophical level, the project’s purpose can be described as technology connecting our human and physical world with the digital world. Qamcom's research will focus on localisation and network optimisation.

Today, wireless connectivity is critical for all of society as well as for the economy. The overall goal of mobile network development has always been to satisfy people's desire to be able to communicate anywhere and anytime. It is widely believed that 5G will pave the way for digitisation and technological transformation to not only take off, but to fundamentally change entire industries and society at large. Something which will be achieved through connected, automated, and smart processes on a broad front. With 6G, it will be possible to challenge the limits of what is possible and unleash further enormous potential. In addition to intertwining the physical and digital world, the technology will also work for and help achieve the UN’s and EU Commission's sustainability goals.

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