Q/V-band phased-array satellite antennas

July 13, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Q/V-band phased-array satellite antennas
Designed to unlock massive new available bandwidth at millimetre-wave frequencies for next-generation LEO and MEO satellite constellations.

ThinKom Solutions has developed a new phased-array user terminal specifically designed for operation in the higher millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency bands for evolving next-generation communication satellite constellations.

The new low-profile antenna, based on ThinKom’s patented VICTS (Variable Inclination Continuous Transverse Stub) technology, will operate in the Q- and V-band frequencies (37.5 to 42.5 GHz and 47.2 to 51.4 GHz). These bands have been designated for adoption by major satellite operators in low-, medium-, geostationary and highly elliptical orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO).

“This new phased-array development is timed to fully enable the upcoming frequency revolution that promises to unlock massive new available bandwidth at these higher mmWave frequencies for next-generation LEO and MEO satellite constellations,” said Bill Milroy, Chairman and CTO of ThinKom Solutions. “And it uses our proven VICTS architecture, ensuring it will deliver the efficiency, instantaneous bandwidth, reliability, resiliency and overall availability our customers have come to expect from ThinKom.”

Similar Q-band mmWave antennas have already been built and on-satellite tested by ThinKom for Q-band aeronautical and ground-mobile use.

ThinKom’s new Q- and V-band terminals designed for operation on next-generation satellites.

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