Siklu deploys “Terragraph” Gbps broadband equipment in Bermuda

October 11, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Siklu deploys “Terragraph” Gbps broadband equipment in Bermuda
Horizon is using Siklu wireless broadband equipment to provide Gigabit-speed, “fixed” wireless broadband services to businesses throughout the island.

Siklu has announced that its Terragraph-certified MultiHaul™ TG N366 nodes and companion MultiHaul™ TG TU (terminal units) have been deployed by Horizon Communications of Hamilton, Bermuda. Horizon is currently providing Gigabit-speed, “fixed” wireless broadband services to businesses throughout the island and the company also has begun to sign up residential customers, beginning in Hamilton and expanding on a parish by parish basis in the coming months. 

"Horizon has been impressed with Siklu's Terragraph system and their level of support. With the N366 we have been able to deploy fiber equivalent speeds across buildings and light poles around Bermuda.”  said Gilbert A. Darrell, Founder of Horizon Communications. “The service quality is great and it has enabled us to have a significantly faster installation time for our customers, compared to fiber or co-ax, which has contributed to pricing that is on average 20 percent less expensive than the competition.”

Part of the Facebook Connectivity initiative, Terragraph is the Gigabit wireless technology designed to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-speed Internet access in urban and suburban environments. The Facebook initiative is important because it provides a way for a cluster of base stations broadcasting at 60 GHz to autonomously manage and distribute traffic among themselves. If one base station goes down, another can take over in an instant — and they can work together to find the most efficient path for information en route. Siklu has made significant contributions to this initiative, and this effort has resulted in its innovative MultiHaul product lines.

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