Software doubles radio link capacity without adding hardware

April 01, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Software doubles radio link capacity without adding hardware
A2C+ enables highest capacity and highest radio system gain, simplifies network upgrades, and reduces deployment costs and TCO.

Aviat Networks has announced the availability of A2C+ (Adaptive Dual Carrier Plus), ground-breaking software available on the Aviat WTM 4000 radio platform. A2C+ doubles the capacity of a microwave link without the need for additional equipment and delivers the highest system gain available today, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with network modernization.

Delivering lower TCO, the software enables higher system performance with no additional equipment expense. To do this, A2C+ combines two or four separate channels onto a single antenna.

With A2C+, the WTM 4000 delivers up to 12 dB more system gain than competitive radios, enabling the use of smaller antennas. This high system gain reduces tower labor and leasing costs.

A2C+ is adaptive so when the link is affected by fading, the radio can revert to single channel operation, gaining up to 7.5 dB more transmitter — resulting in higher resiliency and link uptime.

With A2C+, the same radio can be used to support 1+0, 2+0 and 4+0 configurations and, because A2C+ enables the same capacity with half the number of transceivers power consumption is significantly reduced.

When used on Aviat's WTM 4800 single-box Multi-Band radio, A2C+ doubles the available microwave capacity, supporting a 3+0 link in just one box, while competitive offerings require three or even four separate boxes and increase complexity and costs. This streamlines deployment and lowers equipment costs dramatically.

"Network modernization is challenging. Investing in systems that evolve without the need for forklift upgrades is a tremendous benefit to our customers," said Peter Smith, CEO of Aviat Networks. "That's why we continue to drive our software development such as A2C+ to enhance system performance, increase reliability, and lower the cost of ownership for our customers."


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