UV LEDs used for Covid-19 can enable low cost gigabit LiFi: Page 2 of 2

August 04, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
UV LEDs used for Covid-19 can enable low cost gigabit LiFi
Self organising ultraviolet LEDs used for Covid-19 sterilisation can enable low cost gigabit LiFi light networks say researchers at Tohoku University in Japan

"Deep ultraviolet LEDs are currently mass produced in factories for applications related to Covid-19," Kojima said. These are used for sterilization processes. "So, they're cheap and practical to use," he said. "The mechanism underlying this speed is in how a lot of tiny LEDs self-organize in a single deep ultraviolet LED," said Kojima.

"The tiny LED ensemble helps with both power and speed."

The paper 'Self-organized micro-light-emitting diode structure for high-speed solar-blind optical wireless communications' was published in Applied Physics Letters: doi/full/10.1063/5.0013112


Scheme for the self-organized micro-LED structure. Kazunobu Kojima, Tohoku University

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